Our Strategic Vision

Third Grade’s 3D Printing Unit

Third graders kicked off their 3D printing unit by working with their kindergarten buddies to create cookie cutters for a baking project. Together, they designed their cookie cutters on paper […]

Copyrights & Plagiarism

As part of our unit on digital citizenship, students learned about copyrights and plagiarism. We learned that all original works (e.g., images, writing, music) are copyrighted and that we need […]

Google Classroom & Chromebooks

An exciting new app introduced by Google just in time for this school year is Google Classroom. Google Classroom enables students and teachers to collaborate, discuss, and share their work […]

Learning About Internet Safety

Third and fourth graders learned about how to stay safe on the Internet. The students shared with each other what they know and also watched a BrainPop video on Internet […]

What is the Internet? How does it work?

In technology class, fourth graders learned about what the Internet is (a network of computers connected to each other) and how the Internet works. After thinking about what we already […]