Our Strategic Vision

Logo Nostalgia

  Introducing Brooklyn Friends School’s new visual identity is exciting, yet it also makes us fondly recall logos from our past. Let’s take a look back at what can be considered […]

The BFS Panther, a mascot history

Last month, on the BFS Facebook page, an alumna asked about the BFS Panther, the mascot of the BFS Athletics program. The Panther is relatively new to our athletic program […]

Remembering Benjamin R. Burdsall, 1903-1968

Got to thinking about Benjamin R. Burdsall this week as our Upper School faculty has been doing its own thinking about recipients of our annual awards for the Upper School […]

Lights! Camera! Action!

  In 2001, Brooklyn Friends School and its students were featured with Alanis Morissette and other celebrities in a public service announcement for Teaching Tolerance, a project of the Southern […]