Our Strategic Vision

What it Supported

The New Upper School

How much did it raise?



Funds raised through “Light the Way: The Campaign for Brooklyn Friends School” directly supported our new Upper School facility and program, and in doing so, strengthened Brooklyn Friends’ reputation as one of New York City’s most sought after independent schools; with facilities, faculty and an academic program of excellence from preschool through 12th grade.

On Thursday October 27th, our community gathered together to celebrate the completion of our most successful philanthropic initiative to date – the Light the Way capital campaign. Comprehensive of giving to the Brooklyn Friends Fund, annual galas and capital gifts Light the way was a three year initiative that raised over $7.5million to support the school’s programming, our faculty, our commitment to financial aid and, of course in support of the new Upper School. Thank you to our parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty and friends who made this such a tremendous success!

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We have benefited in immeasurable ways from the stewardship and generosity of families who have come before us. This is our moment: this is a promise kept to our own children and the generations to follow.”

Mark and Allison Dunn, Capital Campaign Co-Chairs, Parents '25 and ‘28