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Join us for the 39th Annual WinterFest at Brooklyn Friends School
Saturday, December 14, 2019
11am to 4pm
375 Pearl Street, Downtown Brooklyn

Gratitude for 2018 WinterFest

The 38th annual WinterFest and Book Fair on Saturday, December 1st was a resounding success with over 800 community members entering the doors of Pearl Street to enjoy the craft activities and workshops, carnival games, musical entertainment, 40+ artisan Holiday Market, Book Fair brought to us by Stories Bookshop and Storytelling Lab, amazing food court offerings and palpable community spirit. Enjoy the gratitude and photos below and mark your calendars for our next WinterFest: Saturday, December 14, 2019.

WinterFest and Book Fair Gratitude: WinterFest is an all-volunteer production of the Brooklyn Friends School PAT. It is not possible without the amazing support from our community. Special thanks to: The WinterFest Planning Committee who met every Monday since school started: Ellen Langan (co-chair), Lil Amatore (co-chair), Dehomey Agrippa, Olivia Annicq, Kelly Bracher (and Todd for the BFS Star Snowflake!), Kara Canal, Rachel Churner, Alice Chung, Carolina Della Valle, Liz Edelstein, Maiken Erstad, Linda Hager, Sara Heard, Sharon Han Koblence, Jennifer Landry, Katie Murray, Louisa Pregerson, Ronit Prince, Rachel Quitkin, Jennifer Rudd, Molly Spindel, Nicole Summer, Jodi Utz, Jessica van Itallie, and Ashley Williams.

A huge thanks to Maggie Pouncey, Matt Miller and Mike Jeffrey from Stories for their expert selection and enthusiasm for the Book Fair benefiting library programming at BFS.

Thank you to the volunteers who donated their time to the Book Fair: Tina Dubois, Giovanna Currlin, Anouk Roose, Blair Singer, Courtney Baron, Glenda Johnson, Marisa Sellitti, Kersten Stannard, Deanna D’Amore, Jenna Silver, Carole Kiser, Sarah Weeks, Maiken Erstad, Cori Schuman, Sally Habershaw, Susan Homer, Olga L. Fuentes, Christine Capelli, Carey Cirillo, Alice Chung, Laura Beatrix Newmark.

PAT Executive Committee Members and especially Sabrina LeBlanc, Raymi Ramseur, Cori Schuman and our VPs and Class Parents!

BFS Staff and especially: Emily Cowles, Karen Edelman, Joan Martin, Peter Mackie, Fiara Sealy, Laurice Hwang, Natania Kremer, Adelaida Cruz, Lupe Concannon, Christine Schwegel, Theodore “Goody” Goodman, Sr., Tony Soll, Camille Fobbs, Kenneth Alston, Jeremy Hawkins, Larson Rose, Thomas Keasling, Sinae Lee, Gary Ryan, the BFS Technology Team, Tom Buckley and the BFS Cafeteria Team; LS Math Specialists Jonathan Edmonds and Kate Minear; all the teachers and librarians who helped with class projects and lent us their time and space; and our BFS facilities team!

Our generous food providers: Bluestone Lane, Concord Market, fluff + fluff, Front Street Pizza, Ignazio’s, JetBlue, La Bagel Delight, Lassen & Hennigs, Marlon Aitcheson, Monty Q’s, Panera, Park Plaza, Rocco’s Tacos, Taco Dumbo, Vita Coco, and Yaso Tangbao.

Additional support from: BFS Panthers Supreme; Stories Bookshop + Storytelling Lab; author Dylan Thuras; Farm & Wilderness; Brooklyn Game Lab; Brandon and Katie Conovitz; Orlana David, Allison Peters, Raul Agrippa and student musicians and performers Cal Stubbs, Raveena Hossein, Ruby Messina, Liana Silva, George Atkins, Isaiah Springer, Emmet and Daniel Kovel; and Vanguard Direct.

Congratulations and thanks to our Wrapping Paper Design Contest Winners: Amalia Idenburg-Liu, Camiah Kuno, Ava Sklar, Pearl Weinstock; and to students who submitted designs this year! And all of our gracious students, families and friends who supported the event in a myriad of other ways! THANK YOU!