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Welcome New Colleague, Sarah Robotham!

We recently asked new colleagues to answer a few questions to help us get to know them. Here we meet Sarah Robotham, who just joined the BFS Community as an Associate Teacher in 3A. Read on to learn more about Sarah. 
Where did you grow up?

Norfolk, Virginia

Where were you/what were you doing before you came to BFS?

I was a 1st grade associate at St. Luke’s School.

Did you take up any new hobbies during the pandemic? What is your favorite quarantine activity?

Cross stitching, paint by numbers

Why did you choose BFS as your place of employment?

The community values of BFS spoke to me and my personal philosophy of teaching.

Is there a moment that stands out as the most memorable and impactful since you came to BFS?

Each and every lesson, my students are so excited to learn and grow, which makes teaching so fulfilling.

If we were to interview a lower school version of you, how would you describe yourself? What were your earliest hobbies and dreams?

I was a quirky kid. I loved theatre and music and wanted to be an actor. I also loved reading and history. I grew up near Williamsburg, Virginia and was fascinated by the colonial period.

If we interviewed you again a year from now, what’s one thing you’d love to have accomplished here?

I would love to know that I have helped students love school this year. This is a challenging time and if they feel good about themselves and are eager to learn, then I have done my job.

What is your favorite book from childhood?

One Morning In Maine by Robert McCloskey

Thank you, Sarah! We are so glad that you are here!