Our Strategic Vision

Visiting Artist: Frances Jetter

How can an artist contribute to an ongoing dialogue regarding social and political change? Can art go too far in its satirical commentary? Can art be dangerous?
These are just a few questions pondered by our first “Visiting Artist Interview Panel”. Consisting of students Malcolm McIver (12), Olivia Hart-Kobel (12), Eve Bromberg (12) and Abby Moore (11), the “Visiting Artist Interview Panel” came together to thoughtfully consider the work of Artist and Illustrator, Frances Jetter. Since 1975, Frances Jetter’s prints on political and social subject matter have been published in the New York Times, The Washington Post, Time, The Village Voice, The Nation, and The Progressive. In her personal and political pieces, Jetter’s views on subjects are bold, clear and often dark or satirical. Jetter is unafraid to tackle topics such as war, political corruption, torture and other “dangerous topics” from current events. This gave our panel much to discuss in preparation for Jetter’s visit. The panel created a list of questions for Jetter and got to ask them at our Upper School visiting artist collection in March. This platform created the opportunity for a rich discussion of topics regarding censorship, freedom of speech, and the “ethics” of artistic expression.
Jetter also joined several classes in the Upper and Middle Schools, sharing more about her process as an illustrator and sharing her beautiful linoleum prints and handmade artist’s books.
This was a fabulous new development in the visiting artist program and a great new way for students to engage with the artist. A big thank you to Frances and our Visiting Artist Panel!