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Third Graders – App Smashing & Lego WeDo Robotics

For our last few technology classes, third grade students learned about app smashing (i.e., using several apps together to create one final product) and the app “Explain Everything” (a screen-casting app). Working with Kate Minear, our 3rd and 4th grade math specialist, students used Explain Everything in their math classes to walk through different strategies one can use when solving difficult multiplication facts.

Check out the Lower School Math Blog (under the Multiplication and Division Fact Practice tab) to see all the different strategies our students came up with!

In technology class, they used Explain Everything, in conjunction with the apps ChatterPix Kids and ArtSet to create a video about what it’s like to be in third grade for our rising second graders. Check out some of the app-smashed videos!
Some of our students were also introduced to the Lego WeDo robotics kit. Using the Macbooks from the Middle School, students explored the different parts in the WeDo kit (e.g., motors and sensors) and tested out their coding skills in the Lego WeDo programming environment. Our third graders cannot wait until they can use these kits again next year!