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Fresh Greens, Blue Skies, and Kung Fu: A Week in “The Life” of BFS

This week’s edition of THE LIFE, the BFS new media presentation, has stories on three unique, out-of-the-ordinary, student experiences. First we visit the Preschool, where Maura Eden (Head) and Joy Roberts (Preschool Assistant) teamed up to give students a science lesson on growing things. This set the groundwork for the children to enjoy a hand-picked healthy morning snack from their aeroponic garden tower.

We then move on to the Middle School visual arts studios. Parent (and professional artist) Carolina Della Valle presented a hands-on lesson to seventh grade students on painting cloudscapes, a project that she herself began as a means of providing direct help for relief efforts in Puerto Rico. The students will create their own cloudscapes that will be sold on Carolina’s website, with full proceeds benefiting the non-profit, on-the-ground organization Para La Naturaleza.

We finish at the Dance Studio. Laurice Hwang (Middle School Dean and Science Teacher) and alum guest Reed Jones gave an expert demonstration on Shaolin Kung Fu to a fifth grade dance class, which the students practiced enthusiastically in short order.

Each of these experiences reflected the cross-disciplinary approach that characterizes much of a Brooklyn Friends education. And, as you’ll see by viewing the program, they were interactive, engaging, and fun!