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The Blue World of IB Science at BFS

Members of the Class of 2023 presented their Group 4 Projects this past week, immersing the third floor of Lawrence Street into the world of science. Under the watchful eye of Lucien Kouassi, Charles Fulco, and Heather Phan, the IB project encouraged the eight teams of five students each to appreciate the environmental, social, and ethical implications of science.The prompt this year: “Why is blue so rare in nature?” The title of the project: “Blue Pride Runs Deep.”

The Group 4 Project is an interdisciplinary activity that involves science students in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Technology. The goal is to have students from the four subjects work collaboratively and bring their unique approaches to solving a common problem or topic. Rather than being a result-based research, the Group 4 Project is instead a collaborative, process-based, and evidence-based research.

Among the blue “creatures” selected by the students were: the Blue Lizard, Blue Poisonous Dart Frog, Indio Milk Cap, Blue Glaucus, Royal Blue Tang, Blue Jay, Blue Sky Mushroom, Blue Lobster, and Blue Iguana.

“Ultimately, the science department is poised to start a conversation, which we hope will transform our students in the way they view themselves as scientists,” Lucian said. “Moreover, the science department wants to install in our students the joy of cognitive thinking and make science as mundane as being ‘cool’.”

You can watch a brief video of the students presenting their work here.