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Summer Reading: PS/LS Edition Part I

“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.”  — Lemony Snicket

In the PS/LS Divisions, Summer Reading is meant to be part of a joyful, relaxing summer vacation. While not a required activity, there is a special freedom to wile away the summer months curled up with a great book. We provide the Summer Reading lists as suggestions: conversation starters, a list to bring to the public library, or an inspiration point. The librarians create these lists with your child(ren) in mind, both general interests and new topics or genres to try. Read on for more information!

(Check out Summer Reading: PS/LS Edition Part II featuring our Fourth Grade students recommending books to students rising in the Preschool through Grade 4!)

Here’s a brief recap of our Summer Reading Coffee Hour held May 21. The main points:

  • Summer reading is not required at the PS/LS levels, only suggested
  • Model good reading habits for your child(ren)
  • Set aside time for reading
  • For all students:
    • Reading and then REreading is absolutely encouraged!
    • Try to leave words like “reading level” or “easy” or “hard” out of the conversation about summer reading or book choice
    • If your child’s (children’s) titles of choice do not match what you’d like them to be reading, take comfort in knowing your child’s (children’s) choices will evolve over time
    • Bring a basket to the library and check out a wide variety of books: authors, illustrators styles, picture books and chapter books to share with your child(ren)
    • Consider themes present in your summer break to inspire selections: locations, environments, people, sights, experiences 
    • As appropriate, gently encourage your child to share his or her reading: on playdates, with relatives or special friends, neighbors, in pen pal letters, or other ways as you see fit
    • Audiobooks are a great option on long (or short!) car trips
    • Read aloud to your child no matter his/her age
  • Consider joining BPL’s summer reading challenge 
***Something new this year!***
Share the summer reading experience with librarians 
by sending a photo (or selfie) of your child reading! 
Send to or 
as we will be creating a “Summer Reading Memories” slide show in September.

Christina enjoying her book in the woods
Kathy enjoying her book in the library!

As always, please contact a librarian with any questions or suggestions. Happy reading!

June 4 update: Here are some ideas for summer reading from Edutopia.