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Butterflies Take Flight in the Preschool

By Joy Roberts, Preschool Administrative Assistant

Every spring we get to witness the joy and excitement in the Preschool as the children head up to the Roof or out onto Pearl Street with their butterfly gardens to release them into the world!

Starting out as tiny caterpillars, these creatures are cared for and watched over by the children in their classrooms. Students observe their growth, the process of making a chrysalis, and finally, their emergence as beautiful butterflies.

Emotionally Responsive Practice (ERP) at BFS Preschool is a deeply embedded approach to learning that supports a child’s emotional well-being as a foundation for learning. As they nurture and care for the caterpillars, watch them grow, turn into butterflies, then fly away, the children talk about the many changes they observe and begin to see a correlation to their own growth and transition in a way they can understand and relate to.

As we head toward the close of the school year, this process is a wonderful way for the children to begin to understand their own transitions ahead as they move on from familiar classrooms and routines.

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