Our Strategic Vision

Power Love Education and Justice (PLEJ) for Liberation

Building on the recent Service Learning presentation at the PAT General Meeting that 11th graders Jade, Naya, and Meledi gave on Wednesday, October 22nd, we have included our Power Love Education and Justice (PLEJ) for Liberation brochure below to share with the broader community.  The brochure includes artwork, reflections, and advocacy efforts from a range of students who participated in the program as part of their 10th grade Service & Justice Seminar, including Abbie, Arden, Grace, Henry K, Jade, Meledi, Naya, Patonya, and Sierra. We are tremendously grateful to our Pen Pal and Incarcerated Educator, Mume, for his love and support.

Our PLEJ for Liberation brochure and program have now been circulated nation-wide and were presented at the Teachers for Social Justice Conference in San Francisco on October 11, 2014 by Sharon Martinas, founder of the Human Rights Pen Pal Program. Director of Service Learning, Natania Kremer, called into the session to speak about our work at BFS and to answer questions.

P.L.E.J. for LIBERATION Brochure by Natania Kremer

Included below is a letter of support from Head of School, Dr. Larry Weiss: