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“BFS Bests Calhoun for Volleyball Title

Great moment last week at BFS: our Boys Varsity Volleyball team won the PSAA championship, an amazing feat for this first-year team. Our team’s ranking, as of today at 120th in the U.S, 4th in New York State and 3rd in New York City. Congratulations to these student-athletes who will all return to boys volleyball next year, to our coaches and athletic department, and to BFS, our school which makes such moments possible for all of us. It is wonderful to have record of this achievement, so this historian once again wishes our school had a more complete record of all similar achievements at BFS, which brings us to the important role you can play.

1948 MAAPS League Baseball Championship
in which BFS defeated Fieldston at Fieldston.
Candid photo of Coach Wally Longley shaking the hand
of Leonard Von Heill ’48 who pitched six consecutive
scoreless innings to seal the championship for BFS.
Photo courtesy of the late Patricia Doblin Bienfait ’49

There have been many great athletes and teams at BFS, some won championships, invitational tournaments, and many alumni played with college and professional teams. Unfortunately, not all of our school’s important athletic moments are noted anywhere in the records of BFS. Our Athletic Director David Gardella has been compiling his own list of BFS championships, our college and professional alumni-athletes, and other athletic milestones from 1996 to the present, but BFS needs your assistance in gaining a more complete record for all years earlier.

This historian is assisting by compiling a record of BFS athletic achievements for all years prior to 1996, that can be added to the record now kept by the Athletics Department. To do this, one can search the historic Brooklyn Daily Eagle in the hope that BFS made the paper. Alternatively, one can pore through our school’s incomplete run of student newspapers, newsletters, or yearbooks, hoping that an important moment for our school got even the briefest mention in our own publications. Such time-consuming efforts yielded the knowledge that we had a Boys Varsity Softball team that won at least four back-to-back league championships in the late 1970s. We have photographs that now preserve some of our older banners, but they do not shed nearly enough light. BFS simply needs your memories to fill in the blanks in its own history.

Please take a moment to reflect on your BFS memories, to share your knowledge of BFS athletic history and to let us know of the post-BFS athletic careers of alumni, some of whom may be reading this themselves.

Friends Forever – Blue Pride!!!