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A Perfect Score and 62 Prizes in the National Latin Exam

The results are in and the awards are bountiful for BFS in the 2017 National Latin Exam, which 110 7th-12th graders sat for in March. Ninth grader Nicole A had a perfect score. Eighth graders Nicholas K and Oliver M earned gold medals (the next highest score), and prizes were awarded to 59 additional students. Brooklyn Friends School has a sustained tradition of the teaching and learning of Latin and we couldn’t be more proud and appreciative of our Latin scholars and their teachers, Katy Koken, Martin Moore and Stephen Wortman.

2017 Award Winners

Introduction to Latin Ribbon and Perfect Paper Certificate 

Nicole A

Introduction to Latin Ribbon and Certificate of High Achievement

Bijou D

Benjamin F

Adam G

Maya H

Claire K

Jade L

Jovan R

Clara S

Margaux S

Gena T

Introduction to Latin Certificate of Achievement

Ursula A

Tate B

Lily B

Lila E

Martine F

Oscar F

Nina H

Justin H

Ryan I

Zoe K

Kendall L

Jack L

Emmanuel N

Henry P

Josephine R

Sophia S

Wyatt S

Ava S

Wilhelmina V

Madeline W

Olivia W

Latin I summa cum laude certificate and gold medal

Nicolas K

Oliver M

Latin I maxima cum laude certificate and silver medal

Saad B

Claire B

Isabella C

Joshua F

James G-F

Dante L

Melanie M

Tessa M

Thea T-M

Willem V

Latin I magna cum laude certificate

Genta A

Alexei B

Rowan D

Danielle F

Jasmyne H

Keith H

Chelsea P

Oliver S

Latin I cum laude certificate 

Tyson B

Alexandra H

Max L

Nicholas M

Mirembe M

Alexandra R

Latin II magna cum laude certificate

Betsy A

Jackson K

Latin III magna cum laude certificate

Jordan B

Poetry IV cum laude certificate 

Emmitt S