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What Parents Need to Know about Nut Allergies in School

Important Reminder for BFS Families

A number of students in our community suffer from peanut/tree nut allergies . Many of these students are at high risk of having a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction if exposed to certain foods that contain these allergens. For their protection, the school is “Nut Aware” and prioritizes student safety by educating our community about the importance of excluding nut derived products in the school setting.

BFS encourages our entire community to review the guidelines below before bringing food into the school for classroom parties, bake sales, and other school related events:

 Students, faculty and staff should not come to school with snacks or food that contain nuts or derivatives. This also applies to food left in backpacks, pockets, or purses.

Home baked goods for parties or other school events should be prepared in a disposable container and not contain any tree nuts or peanuts or their by-products in the ingredients. 

Any store bought food products must be labeled “nut free.” If the food labels do not provide proper documentation of food allergens, it cannot be served at school. 

Be mindful when purchasing bulk-food in bins, due to the risk of cross- contamination from the bins and scoops.

If your child eats a nut product for breakfast (such as peanut butter on toast), washing hands and face before arriving to school will reduce the possible exposure of the allergen to those with a nut allergy.

Students should not swap or share food during the school day or at any school event.

Brooklyn Friends cannot ensure a “Nut Free” environment, but our awareness can protect those students who are at most serious risk. 

Thank you for your help in achieving this goal.