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Noticias de diciembre

This first week of December has been very exciting for our fourth graders. They learned who their pen pals in Spain are, and they recorded videos with short personal presentations in Spanish to send to them. Today, our fourth graders received their first videos from their pen pals. When they saw and heard them, their faces lit up and turned to smiles. We talked about their similarities and challenges as second language learners, for their pen pals are native Spanish speakers learning English. Tomorrow, they’ll begin writing their first letter in which they share personal interests such as hobbies, favorite food and what they would like to be when they grow up. Letters will be sent with photos and mailed in a few weeks. Their Spanish pen pals will do the same. I can already hear our students excitedly asking, “Are the pen pal’s letters here yet?” in January. This is always one of the most memorable events of the year in Spanish class.