Our Strategic Vision

New to the Digital Archives

This week, we have a few additions to the Digital Archives.

  • Two new items in Playbills: the 1980 Middle School production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Patience or Bunthorne’s Bride and the 1982 Intergenerational Chorus performance at the CUNY NYC College of Technology’s Klitgord Auditorium on Jay Street. 
  • The BFS Sampler 2 photo album has now been merged with the BFS Sampler photo album, which should streamline the visual overview of BFS. 
  • Two new items in our new collection of self-published BFS Cookbooks with recipes and menus from members of the BFS community, typically parents and teachers: 1966’s The Friendly Gourmet, published in celebration of our school’s centennial year of 1867-68, and 1991’s Friends in the Kitchen
And don’t forget, BFS Alumni Day is this Saturday, June 1. Hope to see you there!