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¡Los superhéroes del distanciamiento social!

¡Es un pájaro! ¡Es un avión! ¡No! ¡Es un superhéroe de distanciamiento social!

While there have been a myriad of adjustments for our students and colleagues during this time of Virtual BFS, the learning and creativity have gone unchanged! Case in point, Middle School Spanish students recently wrote and designed their own public health information posters featuring social distancing superheroes of their own creation. Spanish teacher Kim Allen shared that the the Washington Post recently published a series of social media health campaigns around the world. They found that one of the most compelling images was “Susana Distancia,” a super-heroine in Mexico who maintains a social distance bubble around her. Noting that Spanish students often use authentic materials to learn language in context, Kim shared that the middle school students adapted the Spanish text to their own superhero creation. Enjoy a slideshow of the posters below. Superheroes include original characters, characters based off of pets, real public figures (like LeBron James!), and those based on the artists themselves!