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Culminating Celebration of Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month is Friday, Nov. 2


The capstone event of our Latinx Heritage Month celebrations is next Friday, November 2, from 5:00-8:00 p.m. at 375 Pearl Street and is open to everyone in the BFS community (family and friends). This evening of interdisciplinary project presentations showcases work in language, art, music, drama, and science. Traditional food, cooked by students and families, will be sold in the Pearl Street Cafeteria and any proceeds will benefit Teens4PR (sign up to cook a dish now). Check out the November 2nd schedule and then read below to learn how our community has recognized Latinx Heritage Month in a myriad of ways.

Friday, November 2nd Schedule:

5pm – Lobby – Food Ticket Sales, Passports for LS

5pm to 6pm – Cafeteria – Middle School Projects and Lower and Middle School Art on display, food from Spanish-speaking countries for sale

6:15pm to 6:30pm – Lower Gym – IB Dance Performance

6:30pm to 6:45pm – Lower Gym –  MS Dance Performance

6:45pm to 7:10pm – Lower Gym – MS Chorus Performance

7:10pm to 7:20pm – Lower Gym – Salsa Showcase with Professionals

7:20pm to 8:00pm – Lower Gym – Salsa Lessons for Beginners

8:00pm to 8:40pm – Lower Gym – Music/Dance Party

Organized by the World Language Department, El mes de la herenica hispana y latina, from September 15 – November 2, is an opportunity to bring our entire community together to celebrate the rich cultural heritage within our school. Students in all divisions are becoming involved in lessons, research, collections (Dreamers and DACA), assemblies and Art and Music projects, that highlight Latinx/Hispanic culture. In a time of political division, this month will embrace our Quaker values, as well as the school’s mission to cultivate “compassionate, curious, and confident global citizens who let their lives speak in the spirit of leadership and service.”

Here are just a few of the ways that Brooklyn Friends School students are enjoying Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month:

  • In Lower School Spanish there is a curricular focus on geography and flags.
  • Third grade artists are making “alebrijes” – magical creatures from México.
  • Fourth graders are reading books written/illustrated by Latinx/Hispanic authors and creating an educational mural, to be unveiled at our celebration on Nov. 2.
  • The entire Lower School student body and faculty enjoyed a concert by the Villalobos Brothers on Oct. 10 in the BFS Meetinghouse. From Vera Cruz, Mexico, the Villalobos Brothers,  are a group of violinists, singer-songwriters and multi-talented instrumentalists. They have performed at the Latin Grammy Awards, Carnegie Hall, the United Nations, and Rockefeller Center, among numerous historic venues.
  • Lower School math enthusiasts are learning to solve problems using the Aztec number systems.
  • Middle School artists from fifth all the way through 8th grades are studying and creating work inspired by Latinx/Hispanic artists and traditions – read more and see photos here!
  • Hispanic/Latinx authors such as Meg Medina and Emma Otheguy are visiting with students across the divisions.
  • Dancers in the Middle School will learn the Cuban Comparsa dance sequence and will learn about the Hispanic and African cultural mix that is represented in this Cuban carnival dance and music.
  • 8th grade scientists will design Gaudi inspired biomorphic cell cities.
  • The Middle and Upper School fall musical is “In the Heights” from Lin Manuel Miranda. Performances take place Nov. 15, 16, and 17.

To honor the BFS commitment to Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month, the Oct. 19 edition of THE LIFE was presented en Español (with English subtitles). Hear the beautiful music of Mexican musician Ernesto Villalobos (who recently led a collection for our lower schoolers); get an inside look at an 8th-grade Spanish class; and learn how our middle school students are recognizing Latinx changemakers, who generally have been under-represented in American society.  VIEW NOW.