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A Spooky Tradition Continues at BFS


The Lower Gym was packed and friends across the country were watching the live stream as the 4th grade performed the 36th annual Halloween Dance on Thursday, October 31st. While it was this beloved BFS tradition’s 36th occasion, the choreography and costumes were completely unique to the class of 2028. In this capstone moment in the Lower School program, students work together to create choreography and memorize formations and sequences. They also show off their dramatic flair and interpretation of the music. When deciding on her Halloween costume for the day, Head of School Crissy asked herself what is something “iconically BFS”? The answer was a 4th Grade Halloween Dancer, of course!  Enjoy a recording of the Dance below:

Special thanks to:  Margaret Bary, the 4th Grade teachers (Razi Abdur-Rahman, Bea Bartolotta, Jack Redell, Lauren Yi, Caroline Bannan and Ashley Okonma), the 4th grade families for helping with face painting and costumes, the Lower School specialists for ushering and support, the PE and Athletics and Departments, Andy Cohen and Brian Benavides for managing the live stream, and Theater Production Manager Larson Rose for the show’s lights and sound. And CONGRATULATIONS to the 4th Grade!