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3rd Grade Green Life Club Activists Inspire Change

Last fall, a group of 3rd grade students showed up at our Head of School’s Office and requested to meet with Crissy. They then proceeded to sit with her and began with, “We are here because we need your help.” The rest, as they say, is history.

A powerful letter in hand, they advocated for the use of reusable utensils by all in our cafeterias. Inspired by their message and activism and wanting to begin acting on their efforts, Crissy invested in a holiday gift of reusable utensils for all BFS colleagues.

In partnership with our Director of Communications, Joan, the students also designed a poster (included above) to raise awareness about stewarding our environment in the School community. As the year continued, Crissy, their teachers Julia and Isabel, their parents, supported their ongoing activism as the group met regularly. They also began to partner with Natania, Director of Service Learning and Civic Engagement, to prepare a presentation for the School’s Environmental Justice programming being organized for Earth Day. Since the closure of our school buildings, they have been meeting on Zoom every day to continue connecting over these issues and planning for this video PSA.

Upon meeting with them recently and viewing the final video, Crissy shared sentiments also felt by the entire BFS community: “I am immensely proud, inspired, and motivated. This is a truly special gift for our school and our earth.”

Watch their PSA below.