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Get to Know Your Visual Arts Faculty: Tina Marie Piccolo

We want to introduce you to the Visual Arts Faculty as the year is getting going. 

Enjoy this peak into who makes the great Art Department at BFS!

1. What classes do you teach?

I teach studio art in the fifth and
sixth grades, drawing and painting in seventh and eighth grades. I
also teach an Upper School, yearlong foundation art course called 2D Art Workshop.

2. Where did you go to school and what did you study?
I got my BFA from Cooper Union and my art education
license from Bank Street at Parsons School of Design. I received my
MA in Art Education from Brooklyn College.

3. What events led to you becoming an art teacher and/or choosing to teach art to kids? 
I was a graphic designer, art
director and manufacturer and marketer of electronic jewelery in the
1980’s to mid 1990’s. I used to work with photographers to get the
special effects I needed in my mini- “stage-sets,” that would
become magazine covers and brochures. This was all before Photoshop
became mainstream. When the graphic design industry was overtaken by
the new computer technologies, and my son was school-aged, I decided
to rethink my career and become a teacher.

4.  What interests you in your own artistic practice?

I mostly used to paint, but in the past few years, I
have been interested in imagery that rises out of the subconscious
mind. I like creating something without an end goal. I used to do
a lot of etching and lithography as well.

5. Who or what have been your biggest influences in life?
The day my son was born changed my life in every
way, in experiencing unconditional love. My family gave me values and
taught me how to be strong and my Tibetan meditation teachers keep me
questioning the nature of reality.

6. Who are your favorite artists?
Artists who resonate with me have either a psychological, emotional
or spiritual quality. I connect with artists such as Wassily Kandinsky,
Francis Bacon, Hans Hoffman, Kathe Kolowitz, Red Grooms, and Martin
Puryear to name a few.

7. Tell us a non-art-teacher talent that you have?
I am a pretty good salsa dancer and do my own home
maintenance projects.

8. What does a day off look like for you?
I like to exercise on weekends. I often go upstate
to Saugerties to spend time with close friends and be in nature. When
in NYC, I go to salsa dance socials and museums.

9. What is your favorite lesson/project/concept that you like to teach?
I like to offer
painting from observation from the stage-sets that I compose each
year. I think about intriguing, relevant or even funny objects that
my students would enjoy working from. This is a good way to build
skill for young artists.

10. What do you love about teaching art at BFS?
The students, of course! The community of
Friends is awesome too!

Bonus! if you were stuck on a dessert
island, what 3 things would you bring? 
A meditation cushion,
hand-crank radio and a ton of dry lentils!!