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Found: New Class Photos!

1924-25, Class of 1927, 10th grade

A recent excursion in the unsorted BFS photo archives uncovered a few class photos that were not previously included in the albums in the digital class photo collection. Found were 26 additional class photos from all decades, including two class photos taken before 1949, the most poorly represented period in the BFS archives. Our pre-1949 class photos either did not survive or copies were not given to the school in the first place, something which unfortunately occurred in later years as well. These new photos have been added to both our Picasa albums and to the BFS Alumni Facebook Group’s photo albums.

Our school lacks a complete collection of class photos, but what will help? People taking a look through their personal photo collections and loaning their photos to BFS for scanning or people scanning their class photos at 400 dpi or better and sharing those digital files with BFS. The incomplete BFS collection of class photos from the 1950s to the 1990s can be viewed at the Photos page in the BFS Digital Archives. Class photos taken after 2000 are not yet posted, but they will be in future.

Again, BFS hopes to improve all class photo collections and ask individuals with any BFS class photos to contact us or Add Your Photo (please scan photos at 400 dpi or better). Thank you!