Our Strategic Vision

Fall ’19 Preschool Afterschool

Here is an overview of the Fall 2019 Afterschool offerings for Preschool. Registration begins on July 30 and concludes on August 30.  GO HERE for Preschool Afterschool program policies, dates, and registration details.


Under the watchful guidance of nurturing BFS preschool teachers, children enjoy a variety of structured activities, as well as free play. Preschoolers also spend time playing in the gym and on the roof. A light snack is served at the beginning of playgroup. Playgroup is offered in two timeblocks, 3:00 to 4:30pm and 4:30 to 6:00pm. 

Playgroup Fees 

Fees cover the entire semester of Playgroup on the given day and time. Fees for Playgroup vary due to days when Afterschool is not in session, such as holidays, conference days, and professional development days. 

Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays
3:00-4:30pm $242 $286 $242 $264 $198
4:30-6:00pm $220 $260 $220 $240 $180



All Specialty Classes begin on Tuesday October 1st and end on Dec. 19. Prior to the first day of Specials, children are welcome to attend Playgroup on the days of their Specialty class(es) at no additional charge. Preschool Specialty classes run in two sections: from 3:15 to 3:50pm or 3:55 to 4:30pm three days a week. Children are placed in one of these sections by the Preschool Afterschool staff, and remain in Playgroup during the alternating period. A light snack is served in Playgroup prior to the beginning of class. Children are then escorted to and from the Specialty class by an Afterschool teacher. 

All classes and instructors are subject to change.


YOGA              Bianca Sanchez               $396

Internal and external flexibility, balance and strength are all enhanced through this ancient practice, which is made age-appropriate and engaging for our youngest afterschoolers. Children experience both the physical and meditative aspects of yoga as postures and techniques are adapted to suit their needs. Children will be placed in one of Yoga’s two sections: 3:15-3:50 or 3:55-4:30.


COOKING        Jazelyn Montanez             $400

Come experience cooking for kids in this fun class. Students will be shown how to create delicious and wholesome treats and learn basic cooking skills . Through this class, children will enhance motor skills by scooping, chopping, and cutting and develop cooking and baking-related skills by counting, measuring and weighing ingredients. Students will get to taste their own creations at the end of class and will leave with yummy recipes to try at home. Children will be placed in one of Cooking’s two sections: 3:15-3:50 or 3:55-4:30.


WORLD PERCUSSION       Andrew Aprile          $370

Using drums, rhythm sticks, shakers, bells, and their own voices, children will explore rhythms from Africa and Latin America. Andrew has studied extensively in Ghana, Madagascar, and South America. He contributed a chapter entitled, “Music-Making with Young Children: African Orff and Rhythmic Intelligence” to the book Young Children and the Arts: Nurturing Creativity and Imagination. Children will be placed in one of World Percussion’s two sections: 3:15-3:50 or 3:55-4:30.