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BFS Colleagues Return for New School Year

On Monday morning, Aug. 21, BFS transitioned from summer to the unofficial start of the school year by welcoming its newest colleagues for the first of two days of orientation.

“This is a moment we have anticipated with nothing but enthusiasm and joy,” Head of School, Crissy Cáceres, told the assembled group. “If you are sitting here today, you are no longer questioning if you made the right decision. My greatest hope is that there have been markers along the way that have absolutely let you know that, and have affirmed that for you.”

Crissy went on to speak about BFS’ mission and values. “Our blossoming pillar, which I believe will be true in this legacy of time, is a pillar of wholeness and well-being. We are a school that believes in this as a value. That we actually have to feel balanced, loved, cared for, appreciated, seen—that we must feel that and experience that in order to be who we are as a school.”

Finally, she made it clear to all of the new colleagues that they are each here because they belong here. “There is nothing you have to prove. You only have to be. I promise you, if you just allow yourself to be, the truth of your mightiness will come out.”

Two days later, the esteemed full colleague body arrived to work and things at Pearl Street and Lawrence Street started to sound a lot more like normal. Of course, the most important residents are still to arrive. However, for now, the colleagues are getting everything set up perfectly.

Crissy opened the morning for everyone on Wednesday with a rousing presentation about all things BFS, including our lofty goals for the upcoming school year, our exciting strategic plan, and the concept of “awe.” Throughout the week, colleagues heard from various leadership members, began the all-important work in their Learning Communities, and had the opportunity to do work in their classrooms. This week, colleagues will continue to prepare for what promises to be a phenomenal school year!

It should be noted that throughout the summer, BFS’ amazing facilities colleagues have been working around the clock to make sure both of our campuses are in move-in condition for colleagues and students. The colleagues have been able to see all of that hard work for themselves. Now, we just need some students—who are enjoying their final days of summer. Tick tock.