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BFS Celebrates 50 Years of Being on Pearl Street

In 1969, Brooklyn Friends School purchased 375 Pearl Street from Brooklyn Law School, which had the building built to its specifications in 1928. By 1970, BFS started to move some parts of the school into the new building. However, it was not until September of 1973, that the entire student and colleague body opened a school year at Pearl. So with the 1973–1974 school year being the first, the 2023–2024 school year is the 50th!

This year, Arti-Facts, which appears each Sunday morning in The Weekly, will pay homage each week to the 50th anniversary of BFS fully moving to Pearl Street, after 100+ years of calling Schermerhorn Street home.

Of course we will be celebrating in other ways throughout the year as well! And we want all of our current students and families and every single alum to be a part of it. Stay tuned!

Blue Pride Runs Deep. Friends Forever.