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Author Sophie Blackall Visits BFS


Brooklyn illustrator/author Sophie Blackall visited with the Preschool 4s, Lower School 2nd and 3rd grade students, and all Middle School and Upper School students on October 1.

She shared her inspiration to become an artist, where she gathers her ideas for her work, and her growth as both a children’s picture book author/illustrator, as well as promoting social justice via literacy and awareness.

Many of us are familiar with her work in children’s literature. What most are unaware of is her social outreach work in the Congo, India for measles awareness, and Rwanda and Bhutan for literacy awareness. Sophie travels to these countries to build community around these issues.

In Congo and India, she promotes awareness of measles, which kills 400 babies a day worldwide. The vaccine is just $.90, but there is also a cultural uncertainty around getting vaccinated. She assisted by drawing posters and illustrations to help families understand the vaccine, as well as comfort them.

In Rwanda and Bhutan, Sophie travels to visit with communities that do not have a culture of publishing their stories. Rather than have an outside source, she teaches artists, writers and community members to create their own books and develop a culture of literacy.


Sophie Blackall


Sophie Blackall’s visit was enjoyed by everyone she touched through her her presentation, her art and her boundless enthusiasm. It was a terrific One School presentation!

Sophie said just before her day with us, “I want everyone to come away with something new to think about.”

We wholeheartedly agree.