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Art Club Portraits of Classes 2013-2016 on Display at Willoughby Building

When the 2012-2013 Upper School Art Club discussed the seemingly gargantuan project of drawing portraits of each and every student in the Upper School, there were indeed a few bouts of dubious laughter in the crowd! Never minding those who doubted their determination, the Art Club set forth on this ambitious collaborative portrait of the student body.

Student leaders Grace Ives and Sophia Peppe, along with Art Teacher and Art club Advisor Elizabeth Deull, organized and managed the large-scale project. Art Club members were given enlarged, photocopied yearbook photos and 2 inch cards of heavy stock paper on which to render their best impressions of Upper School students. The resulting collection revealed a spirited array of artistic styles which amazingly captured the essence of our Upper School community. Throughout the process, Upper School students have eagerly scanned the images, making a game out of identifying one another amongst the many faces. However, all who take their time to pour over the collective images unanimously agree that our Art Club artists have managed to capture a little piece of each individual’s character within these petite drawings.  And although it is fun to hunt for those who you know and love within the rows of faces, it is perhaps the collection of our community as a whole that is even more striking.

The collection of Upper School Portraits can be viewed in three framed panels hanging in the hallways of the Willoughby Building, located on the floor. Please enjoy the view!