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Art and Activism in the Middle School

The Brooklyn Friends tradition of social activism and creative expression continued in an exemplary way when the Middle School devoted the morning of April 19 to a division-wide study and action on Art and Activism. The event was organized by the Student Council, with support from Deans Laurice Hwang and Kathleen Clinchy.


The day began with an amazing panel of artists who use their mediums for social change and activism. Students and faculty then spent some time in breakout sessions getting to learn more about the artists’ work, and then then there workshops where students had a chance to explore some of their passions with hands-on activities.  

To get a sense of how powerful and meaningful the morning was, go here to see the program and list of speakers and their biographies.  The Middle School administration and faculty encourage parents to have conversations with their children about what they learned and support them in their artistic and activist endeavors.  

Laurice and Kathleen extend a very special thanks to the parents who volunteered to be guest artists or helped connect us to guest artists. “We couldn’t have done this without you!” they said.

They added, “If you enter the Pearl Street lobby, you may notice a large poster that students in one of the workshops made.  It is a petition supporting the idea of NYC becoming a sanctuary city, which we hope to deliver to Mayor DeBlasio. We encourage you to read it and sign it if you agree.”