Our Strategic Vision

Unpacking Global Poverty through Service Learning

Nobis Project, in Partnership with Brooklyn Friends School’s

Office of Service Learning & Civic Engagement, Presents: 


Saturday April 13, 2019 at Brooklyn Friends School

116 Lawrence Street, Brooklyn, NY 

The scope of global poverty is overwhelming.  Introducing the topic to students of any age can be daunting. This interactive workshop explores methods for preparing students to better understand the forces and circumstances that contribute to  poverty. It will also introduce participants to the experiences of persons living in poverty and the ways that people around the world work to help reduce poverty.

We will share strategies for answering common questions posed by students of any age, including ‘why does poverty exist?’ and ‘what can I do to help those experiencing poverty?’, and ‘what impact could I really have?’

This workshop will benefit participants working at home and abroad. It is designed for a range of experience levels, from experienced global service program leaders to those new to global travel facilitation and those facilitating service learning locally.

Workshop highlights:

  • Hands-on activities and you can take back to your classroom
  • An Introduction to:
    • Nobis Global Action Service Learning Model
    • Nobis Big Ideas, an ethical service learning framework
  • Creating an action plan to integrate workshop topics into your own curriculum or service learning project
  • Guidance for supporting students in gap year planning

    The conference fee is $75 per person; the hours are 9am to 12pm.