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An Update on BFS Puerto Rico Relief Efforts

October 26, 2017

Message from Noel Quinones, Associate Director of Service Learning

Dear BFS,

I would like to first thank you all for your amazing work with our Bake Sale and Donation efforts. We raised a collective $1,142  through both the Middle School and Upper School Bake Sales. As well, the dedication of families, students, faculty, and staff to donate have led to collective sorting efforts, multiple drop offs, and a continual overflowing of our boxes in both the Pearl and Lawrence Street buildings.

We must specifically recognize the McLaughlin Family and Salomé Galib, who helped found Teens4PR whom we are working with to donate our monetary funds. Duane McLaughlin and Salomé’s children – Salma, Yamila, and Santi McLaughlin  – are leading the effort in both Bake Sales and educational opportunities for our community. Moreover, we thank  the following students for coordinating and supporting our school wide efforts: Isabella Gonzalez, Devon Schwitzman, Minerva Macarrulla, Kobe Cuprill, Ashley Borja, Emmanuel Ball-Storrow, and Sophia Lipkin. Finally I would like to recognize the leaders of the Service Learning PAT Committee: Nina Broeer and Marcia Thurmond, as well as Juliette Adams for their coordination and support of our donation drives and drop offs.

As the month of October comes to a close we are making a final push for donations. As the situation in Puerto Rico has continued to be a tumultuous one we must response to the ever-changing needs of the individuals we seek to support. Therefore we will be working with only grassroots organizations for the next week and a half: LatinosNYC, Sunset Park Relief Coalition, and a local Brooklyn organizer, Venessa Marco. At the end of this email you will find a new list of the needed items. Please be aware we are no longer accepting clothing.

A follow up email to faculty, staff (in all Divisions), and students (in just the Middle School and Upper school) will be sent asking for volunteers to support our sorting of donation items next week. For families in all Divisions, we are still looking for individuals to drive donation items to drop off points in Brooklyn next week so please reach out if you can offer your assistance. 

Finally, a group of parents and students across the divisions held tabling sessions in the lobby at Pearl Street both at drop off and pick up. At these tables handouts were given on our donation efforts as well as educational materials on Puerto Rico’s history and current situation. To build on this the Middle School and Upper School will be holding collections in the coming months to educate our student body on climate change, the history of countries hit by these natural disasters, and ways we can continue our long term support.

I thank you all again for your collective efforts. I look forward to a strong last push for donations in the coming week as well as continued efforts to support affected areas.

In friendship,

Noel Quiñones

New List of Needed Items:

Water (in package)

Water Filters

Batteries, Portable Cell Phone Chargers, Garbage Bags

Portable Lanterns / Lamps / Headlamps / Flashlights / Large Candles

Baby items: diapers, formula, baby wipes

Roof tarps, duct tape

Insect Repellent

Canned milk (carnation)

Canned food

First-Aid Supplies (sealed)

Feminine / Personal products (sealed)

Toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, hand sanitizer

Can openers

Towels, bed sheets, pillows