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Friends ‘Til the End: Alumni Day 2019


Things were done a bit differently this Alumni Day, but it is all in keeping with the spirit of rejuvenation that Brooklyn Friends School has been embracing for the past few years. Much of the expansion of BFS both physically and academically, can be attributed to our retiring Head of School, Dr. Larry Weiss, who was honored during the Alumni Day reception. But I’ll share more on that later. First, let’s recap our celebration of Friendship.

The alumni events began on the evening of Friday, May 31st with the Alumni basketball game taking place at the Pearl Street lower gym, while the 50th reunion dinner was held at the neighborhood favorite, Queen Italian restaurant. Some alumni dined, while others dribbled. Both groups enjoyed engaging in activities with their fellow Friends, proving that Blue Pride spans decades and destinations. Incoming Head of School, Crissy Cáceres was a welcomed guest at the 50th reunion dinner, and also graciously joined us for Saturday’s events as well. Saturday began with Quaker meeting at the Schermerhorn meeting house followed by an official alumni meet and greet with Crissy. During this time, alums were able to casually converse with Crissy so they can get acquainted with one another. The mingling of BFS’ past and future was a special moment in our history to witness.

Alumni then gathered at the impressive Dumbo waterfront development, 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, to resume their reunion in style. 1Hotel provided a beautiful backdrop to the festivities. Aside from celebrating my own 20th reunion with Friends, the highlight of the day was the heartfelt tribute to Dr. Larry Weiss delivered by former beloved teacher and Head of Upper School, Don Knies. Don and Larry’s friendship dates back over 40 years and has blossomed over time, much like the cultural landscape of Brooklyn Friends. For alumni, Larry’s retirement marks the end of an era and the ushering in of a promising new relationship in our ever evolving alma mater. Honestly, I can’t think of a better reason to celebrate.