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Best of Friends Share a Special BFS Morning


Thursday, May 24th was a joyful and busy morning at Brooklyn Friends School. The All School Art Show was on display on the walls and tables of all three buildings, the Used Book Sale hosted by the PAT was spread across the sunny Pearl Street sidewalk and the Kindergarten and First Grade classrooms were host to some very special guests. It was Grandparents and Special Friends Day!

Our Grandparents and Special Friends began their visit to BFS in the Pearl Street Meetinghouse. Head of School Dr. Larry Weiss and Head of the Lower School Jackie Condie welcomed our guests and shared their gratitude for the vital role that grandparents and special friends play in our school community and the lives of our students. Guests also enjoyed a viewing of our sesquicentennial history film “150 Years of Light”. They then rode the bronze-doored elevators to the 6th and 7th floors and joined their BFS students in their classrooms. Students gave tours of their classrooms, making special stops at their favorite spots and projects on display, interviewed their guests, and enjoyed singing, dancing and snack with their visitors. The morning was capped off with a viewing of the All School Art Show.

Thank you to the Kindergarten and First Grade teachers and students and to all Lower School faculty and staff for hosting this wonderful event. The School also thanks the Facilities Staff and the parent volunteers who made the event run smoothly. Enjoy a selection of photos from the celebration below.

The Preschool looks forward to hosting Grandparents and Special Friends Day on Thursday, May 23, 2019.