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4th Grade Newbery Lunch Club Underway!

4th Grade Newbery Lunch Club
On Wednesday October 30, the first meeting of the 4th Grade Newbery Club came together over lunch in the PS/LS Library. 23 students signed up for the club to read 15 titles as we explore the Newbery Medal and why and how it is awarded each year. The books were wrapped in kraft paper to avoid the judgement of a book by its cover with just a few key details offered for students to make their selections. 
See below for samples:

Hmm, set in Brooklyn, mischief?

What could a vacuum cleaner and a squirrel have in common? 
A fairy tale character and a name like that!

Once students made their choices, they returned to the reading area for the opening. Students tore into the wrapping with excitement and anticipation! 

4B will meet on Tuesdays during lunch and 4A will meet on Wednesdays during lunch. The format will be that of a literary salon, sharing themes and literary styles in discussion groups and how these are expressed through character, plot and setting. At the end, the Newbery Lunch Club will share their findings with their peers across the grade level via book talks, and possibly short videos. The students will vote on the book they think should be graced with the prestigious Newbery Medal in January.
Be on the look out for future posts with more photos, and hopefully, some videos!