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2nd Grade Concrete Poetry Project

Concrete Poetry
Concrete poetry is poetry by design. The second grade classes discovered, read, brainstormed and created their very own concrete poetry. The students all incorporated their learning of poetry from the classroom, connected meanings from the concrete poetry examples we read in library class and created some astounding examples. See below:
Samuel, “Seeds”
Pearl, “Wind”
Zoe, “Sun/Moon”
In the library, we are finding that the iPads offer multiple access points for learning and growth. Recently, we began recording each student in the app VoiceThread to create a narrated slideshow of their work.  They learned how to use a microphone, an iPad stylus and how to navigate the VoiceThread app with support. Each student will have a turn to record their poem. We hope to have the VoiceThreads complete by the end of the month and will share. 
Julien practices with the microphone and receives the stylus
Stay tuned!