Our Strategic Vision

The BFS at 150 Steering Committee

Thank you to the following members of the Brooklyn Friends School community who serve on the BFS at 150 Steering Committee. This group spent the 2016-2017 school year advising and helping to prepare the School for this momentous year in BFS history. They set the following goals for the sesquicentennial: to create a year of community events and celebrations that bring together our various constituencies with a focus on bringing alumni back to campus, share the rich history of Brooklyn Friends School with internal and external constituencies, and to enhance Blue Pride (school spirit!). We hope that you will join them in the celebrations

Abraham Axler ‘13 

Katie Bednark

Crystal Backus ‘96

Cassie Broadus ‘01

Karim Camara ‘88

Freddi Brown Carter ‘73

Andy Cohen

Jackie Condie

Emily Cowles

Karen Edelman

Cheryl Foote

M. Salomé Galib

David Gardella

Koon Wah Gee ‘88

Megan Hertzig-Sharon

Terry Kung

Joan Martin

Romi McVey ‘93

Martin Moore

Brad Mulder ‘83

Martin Norregaard

Dena Douglas Patterson ‘83

Seth Phillips ’83, Assistant Head of School

Susan Price ‘86

Raymi Ramseur

Donnie Smith

Eisa Ulen-Richardson

Lekeia Varlack Judge ‘99

Alap Vora ‘03

Benjamin Warnke

Dr. Larry Weiss, Head of School