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Quaker Witness Day on March 15

In this new program at BFS, Quakers will tell us about their witness to the world, how their lives speak truth to power. Speakers will include Joan Malin, head of Planned Parenthood NYC; Naceo Giles, active in anti-racist initiatives among Quakers; Amy Hundley, active with a Native movement of Hawai’i; Nadine Hoover, head of Friends Peace Teams Asia-West Pacific who has brought peace-building and trauma-healing work to Indonesia; Tom Rothschild, engaged with traditional Native nations, particularly the Haudenosaunee, to rescind the Doctrine of Discovery and care for Mother Earth. Tom runs Quaker Witness and Outreach at Brooklyn Friends School. The program is jointly sponsored by BFS and the Brooklyn Quaker meeting.

This program will be presented on the evening of March 15 (Tuesday) at 6 PM, at the Quaker meetinghouse, 110 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn (corner of Boerum Place).

Refreshments provided. No admission charge. Members of the public welcome.

During the day, these five speakers, plus Pamela Wood, Lewis Webb Jr., and Marna Herrity with Kevin Cooney (see below), will also speak with BFS Middle and Upper School students during the regular weekly collection times. The topics chosen for the day reflect student interest as expressed in a student survey conducted earlier this school year.

Quaker Witness in Tanzania: Clean Water, AIDS and Education

We will discuss the ways in which Brooklyn Friends School faculty partner with the Kisangura schools in rural Tanzania.

Marna Herrity first visited in 2006; BFS faculty Kevin Cooney, Ellen Kahan and Kathleen Clinchy have visited in recent years.

They aim to–

partner with the school communities to repair their cisterns and build bio-sand filters to purify the water they collect

develop a guardian teacher (advisory) program to better support the sponsored students who have lost one or both parents to AIDS

partner with their technology department to establish better communication between BFS & Kisangura and help strengthen their academic program

introduce BFS and Kisangura Middle School students to each other’s cultures through a drawing exchange

We will also discuss the involvement of New York Quakers with the Kisangura schools beginning in 1999.  

As a Quaker I believe my work in Tanzania promotes global community, equality, and the rightful sharing of the world’s resources. It also fosters a greater understanding of the world’s truths and humanity’s goodness. — Marna Herrity