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Photos, photos, photos

Due to a request for BFS Archives photos to be displayed in the Upper School, I have switched gears and gone to working with the photo collection for a while. This request requires re-scanning some photos already available in the BFS Sampler album, but also means the scanning of photos not seen for many years.

Update: high quality versions of these photos are now ready for viewing in the BFS Sampler album on the Photos page of the Digital Archives.  This new album is viewable to everyone while still in its draft stage. Tentatively titled BFS Sampler 2, the photos are presently low quality and will be replaced with better quality images in the near future.

Click to view more photos from the BFS Sampler  album

One challenge in the BFS Archives is the thousands of photos, the majority of which are unidentified and jumbled in boxes. The photos are pretty stable, unlike VHS which can seriously degrade over time. Some photos were dry-mounted for display years ago using acidic materials – not a great situation, but standards have thankfully changed since then. Normally, the annual yearbook is considered the photographic record of each year at BFS. As far as we know, the modern BFS yearbook did not begin until the late 1920s with the Commencement editions of The Life. Additionally, yearbook photos have always been printed at low resolution, which means they are not really suitable for good reproduction. There are ways to get around many of the issues with the photo collection, but they all take time.

Hope you enjoy this look back at BFS.