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MS Book Club…from Virtual to IRL

Early this Fall, many MS students (mostly 5th grade!) have been participating in a Mock Newbery group.  In that group we we read several books in common (synopses here) before voting on our own Mock Newbery winner and honor books.

In November, the group went online and joined several other Independent schools in the downtown Brooklyn area with similar book clubs.  Together, on Edmodo, we are a group of more than 75 students and teachers who love to read and talk about books.

Last Friday, many of our students met IRL (in real life) for the first time to talk about this year’s official Newbery winner and honor books.  We made some new friends and played a heated game of Mock Newbery Jeopardy.  Check out pictures from our trip to Packer.

BFS, BHM, Packer & St. Ann’s were all represented at this book club meet-up.

Students & Librarians listen closely to the Jeopardy clues.

Teams had 10 seconds to discuss and give their final answer.

The students were high rollers and left the 100-point questions for last.

On our way back to BFS we made a new friend.

Our 5th Grade Book Clubbers were rockstars! Excited for our next meet-up.

For more information or to get involved in our online book club for MS students get in touch with MS Librarian, Angie.