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Meet the Afterschool Teachers!

Claudia – Preschool Afterschool Coordinator


I am a Brooklyn Friends School alum who has been working at BFS as the Preschool Afterschool Coordinator for the past 10 years. In addition to working in Afterschool, I am very involved in working with teachers and upper school students on issues of race and social justice.

Jackie – Preschool Afterschool Teacher


I have been working at BFS for 15 years and have been involved with every classroom in the Preschool.  I really enjoy getting to know all the students and watching them grow over the two years that they spend in the Preschool.

Jazelyn – Preschool Afterschool Teacher


I have been working in the BFS community since 2004. As an alum, I viewed returning as a homecoming of sorts, and it has been rewarding on so many levels.  As part of the Preschool community, I get to engage, create, and learn through their discoveries and growth. I also work with our school community and upper school students on issues of race and social justice.  

Stuart – Preschool Afterschool Teacher


Working with the children at BFS has been an amazing experience. I’ve been working with the Afterschool Program since September and love helping foster their growth and watching them forge connections with each other.

Nohemi – Kindergarten Afterschool Teacher


It is highly rewarding to be part of BFS. I’ve been working here for 4 years and it only gets better each day. I have experience working with children ever since I graduated high school as a volunteer and also working in a school setting. I look forward to being at BFS for a very long time, knowing that each day is a learning experience.

Daisy – Kindergarten Afterschool Teacher


I’ve been working at BFS since January of 2015. My prior background consists of working with children. It has been a pleasure gaining the experience of working with children here from kindergarten to second grade. I look forward to every work day at Brooklyn Friends, where it is an enjoyable experience working with the kids as well as with my coworkers and the director.

Justine – 1st Grade Afterschool Teacher


Working at BFS has been a pleasure. I enjoy the close knit environment that the teachers, children and parents have created. I’ve just been here for a few months but I plan on staying for as long as I can with hopes of becoming a Lower School or Preschool teacher here, because BFS is an amazing school to be a part of.

David – 1st Grade Afterschool Teacher


It’s been a pleasure working with the BFS Afterschool/Horizons program. Walking into the halls and witnessing all the smiling faces within the community working together to create a fun filled atmosphere for its students brings me joy.  Whether in Playgroup or an activity, the children always genuinely enjoy themselves, which makes this program that much more special.

Shadi – LS/MS Flex Afterschool Teacher


My time at BFS has been short, but it has become such a big part of my life and I look forward to coming to work every single day. The parents, teachers, and students have done so much to make me feel welcome, and I can’t help but appreciate it.

Caroline – 2nd Grade Afterschool Teacher


I’ve been working at BFS for almost 2 years. I love the environment, my coworkers, and my students. My favorite thing to do in Afterschool is to join whatever activity the children find particularly exciting that day.

Ebony – Horizons Coordinator & 3rd Grade Afterschool Teacher


I’ve been working at BFS for 6 years. I am currently the 3rd grade Afterschool Teacher. I also do the Horizons pick up bus and manage BFS Upper School volunteers who come in to help Horizons students with homework. I have a passion for kids and enjoy working here at BFS.  

Dave – 3rd Grade Afterschool Teacher


I’ve been working in BFS for about 5 years now as a substitute and Afterschool teacher. I’m pretty popular with the children, mainly because I’ve worked with Preschool through 6th grade. I absolutely adore the students here and I’ve learned so much working with the teachers and Afterschool staff. My experience working with these children has allowed me to be more compassionate and authoritative. Everything I’ve learned is a stepping stone to becoming an extraordinary teacher. I hope I leave an impact on their lives, as they have had on mine.

Louis – 4th Grade Afterschool Teacher


I’ve been working with children for eight plus years and I’ve been with Horizons at BFS for three years now. So far I’ve had the pleasure of working with pretty much all age groups ranging from K through 8th. My experience working with children has definitely had a profound impact on my life! I’m hopeful that I’ve had an impact on theirs as well. They are the future, therefore I’m passionate and dedicated to helping them achieve their dreams and become responsible men and women of the world!

Kadeem – LS/MS Flex Afterschool Teacher

Kadeem Pic

Kadeem Alston-Roman, a Brooklyn native, is the son of Valerie Alston, BFS’ Registrar! Although he is in his first year with after school, he has taught dance classes with Summer Arts and during the school year with Jesse Phillips-Fein. In addition to his passion for working with children, he is a choreographer, (sometimes) actor and co-director of Full Force Dance Repertory, a holistic dance organization that combines elements of dance therapy and energy medicine in their performances and classes. He is also a dance teaching artist for Lincoln Center.

Malika – 5th Grade Afterschool Teacher


I am a native New Yorker with a passion for dance. I am a Temple Owl as Temple University is my alma mater. Teaching has become an important part of my life as I want to impact the children of the next generation as we live in such a strong. fast, advancing culture. In addition to teaching, I also do community service during every holiday season, sending books, clothes, and toys to children Uganda. The children are our future!

Olaya – 6th Grade Afterschool Teacher


I’m a young writer living in Brooklyn with a strong interest in education. I hope to start a creative writing workshop series aimed at young minds that celebrates multilingualism and experimentation. Along with playing charades and running scavenger hunts and constantly losing at Uno with our lively bunch of 6th graders, I’m teaching an undergraduate fiction course at Columbia University, reviewing books for Publishers Weekly, and translating a collection of short essays by a Chilean activist.