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The Horizons Experience

According to Wireless Generation data collected in summer 2009 using Dibels early literacy indicators, Horizons at BFS children's literacy skills grew by 23-48% over the national average.


“The Horizons program demonstrates what can be accomplished when private and public schools and community and cultural organizations are marshaled for the benefit of underprivileged youth. Until we address the disparity in summer experiences between low income students and their more advantaged peers, the achievement gap will persist. Horizons illustrates the mutual responsibility we have to educate all of our children so that all have the potential to dream and achieve. With so many independent schools and public schools side by side in New York, there is an obvious opportunity for the expansion of this successful partnership.”

“Nationwide, we typically see significant drop-off over the summer in the percentage of students who are on track in reading skills. The summer drop-off for K-3 minority students is so steep that it creates an achievement gap equivalent to the gap between students of low and high economic status. Programs such as Horizons at Brooklyn Friends School can help to prevent summer reading loss.  Horizons at  Brooklyn Friends School’s Summer 200 data indicate that the program has not only reversed the tendency toward summer reading loss, but also delivered statistically significant reading gains, according to the DIBELS reading assessment. It’s a privilege for Wireless Generation to provide its reading assessment software in support of Horizons at Brooklyn Friends School.”

“As a kindergarten, first and now second grade teacher at PS 307, I have been able to witness first-hand the positive impact this remarkable program has had on several of my students.  When school began in September, the students who attended Horizons returned to academic life with a fearless and confident attitude.  They seemed unfazed by the demands of being back at school which is a clear reflection of the academic engagement and rigor exemplified by the Horizons Program.  In addition to the academic success these students have experienced, Horizons also gave our students opportunities that truly come around once in a lifetime.  Our students were dancing with professionals, swimming with athletes and experiencing New York City and all of the amazing things it has to offer. I am certain that the combination of these activities have had and will continue to have a profound effect on these children.”

“The Horizons Program is a huge part of our lives. We changed from our neighborhood school to a Horizons partner school so that our daughter could attend the program. She loves the program and excels in school now. We can’t wait for our other children to get to kindergarten so they can go to Horizons, too.”

“My daughter was accepted to Horizons the second time we applied, and I am so grateful. She has grown so much from being in the program. She is excited to go to school and reads all the time.”

“My 5-year old was so scared of the water when she started Horizons. She is 8 now, and can swim.”

“My son was getting into a lot of fights at school. Being in the Horizons Program has given him more confidence in himself, and ways to solve problems without fighting.”

“My son got the chance to play drums with a real jazz musician. Now he wants to be a musician too. He loves Horizons. He says it’s like school, only better.”

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