Fall 2020 Reopening FAQs and Resources

How Giving Helps Us Grow

Your Gift Equips Our Students for Excellence


buys books for middle school classrooms


buys equipment for science labs - beakers, chemicals, Rube Goldberg supplies, and more


buys iPads for our Lower School program

Your Gift Builds and Shapes Our Community


of BFS students receive some form of financial aid


of our operating budget supports faculty and staff salaries and benefits


of our Upper School students participate in meaningful service learning

Your Dollars Go a Long Way Each Year

  • $5,000

    buys clay for our ceramics studio

  • $6,000

    to buy new athletic uniforms

  • $50,000

    for bus travel to and from athletic games

  • $8,300

    sends the entire Senior Class to a Quaker retreat every fall