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Fall 2014-15 Season Wrap Up

Fall 2014-15 Season Wrap Up

by BFS Coaches


The BFS Boys Varsity Soccer team finished the fall 2014 season as the ISAL runners-up and champions of the ACIS B division. From day one of preseason the boys were committed to each other and the greater good of the team. We had ten returning players from the previous year with an addition of eleven new players. The togetherness that the boys displayed throughout the season was something special. Everyone had a role to play and they understood to succeed, they’ll have to be committed to each other. Senior Lucas M. (All-ACIS) and sophomore Charlie S. were the leaders that saw to it that everyone was ready mentally and physically for practices and games. Henry K. (All-ACIS, All-ISAL), Noah W. (All-ISAL) and Quran D. played the role of our dynamic attacking trio. The three finished the season with 36 goals scored (Henry 21, Quran 8, Noah 7) and 14 assists (Henry 6, Noah 4, Quran 4). But with all the goals that were scored we only let 17 goals in all season (15 games). This would not be possible without our core defensive group which included Isaac H., Henry J., Sam H., Colin P. and goalkeeper Thomas C. We had a great group of freshman players, some that have never played the game before. But when their number was called, they answered with some fantastic performances that helped us out of some tough games. After a few tough seasons, it was a pleasure to see the joy and excitement that came along with this incredible season. It’s been a long time coming and we’re making steps in the right direction. Can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for us!

The BFS Girls Varsity Soccer team finished the season as ISAL Playoff Champions for the 3rd straight season. The team scored a school high record of 77 goals in 16 games across the season and won several games by large margins, most impressively against Saint Ann’s (W, 7-0).
Despite graduating six seniors from 2013 and having to cope with season-long injuries to key players and captains, the 2014 GVS team recovered and established records. They continued to develop into one of the better independent girls soccer teams in New York State.
In October, the team created a cheering station and showed their “Pink Pride” for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in New York.
Thank you to the 2014 graduating seniors. Over four years, the senior players have accumulated a combined total of 212 appearances, 42 goals and 51 assists which only shows a small highlight of their true contribution towards the BFS GVS team. 

New player records:

Halima M. has scored 106 goals in 45 games to set a new school record for most goals scored.
Devon O. assisted 22 goals in 16 games to set a new record for most assists in a single-season.


The BFS Middle School Boys Soccer team enjoyed a successful season, winning ten and drawing one of their thirteen games this season. They got off to the perfect start by beating Browning 3-2 in a closely fought encounter. The goals came courtesy of Gabe D., Miles B. and Coby W. Two 7-0 victories followed against Staten Island Academy and LREI, with Jack B, Sam E. and Miles JP. opening their goal scoring accounts for the season. The next game against Churchill provided the toughest test of the season so far. With BFS trailing their opponents with 20 minutes left on the clock, they stormed back to win 4-2. The highlight of the game was a well-executed free kick from Lewis W. in the last minute, which curled beyond the despairing reach of the goalie to cap a fine team performance. BFS made it 5 wins in a row by beating York Prep 5-2, before drawing 0-0 with Birch Wathen Lenox. Despite their winning streak coming to an end, BFS defended well to keep the clean sheet. Defenders Ty S, Sebastian B-S, Finn S, Aja M, Ben R. and Sam F. were all in inspirational form. Goalie Patrick D, arguably the most consistent player throughout the season, made some outstanding saves to keep BFS in the game. Packer provided the opposition in the next game, which proved to be one of the most dramatic encounters between the two schools in recent years. The game was evenly balanced throughout, and Packer missed the opportunity to take the lead, missing a penalty midway through the second half. They were left ruing the missed chance, as Miles B. scored the winning goal 5 minutes from the end. Friends Seminary were the next victims on the receiving end of another excellent BFS performance. The game ended 4-1, with Lewis W. curling in another excellent free kick. Unfortunately BFS’ unbeaten run came to end with a 2-0 defeat and the hands of Dwight, but they were back on track a day later, winning 5-1 against Garden School. Miles B. scored another late winner to help BFS to a 2-1 victory against Berkeley Carroll. The tenth and final win came against a much-improved Friends Seminary team. BFS trailed 2-1 with ten minutes to go. However, BFS once again refused to give up and 2 late goals gave them another last-gasp victory. Miles JP. and Gabe D. turned the game around to complete another fine display. All 26 players on the roster this season played a significant part in a highly enjoyable and successful season for the middle school boys soccer team. BLUE PRIDE!


The BFS Middle School Girls Soccer team enjoyed a memorable season. The team consisted of three eighth graders who were able to use their experience to teach and assist the 8 seventh grade players. Together all eleven girls were able to contribute to the team and create a positive energy and dynamic on and off the field.
The team participated in numerous close games, picking up a few exciting ties, a win, and a few close losses along the way. The BFS girls were able to score a total of 8 goals during the duration of the season and apply great offensive attack which was provided by Willa S, Sofia A, Lily E., and Libby S. The team also showed great defensive pressure which was provided by Anique E., Jessie R., Charice L., Betsy A., and Salma B. BFS was able to limit the attacks and goals of their opponents due to great efforts by goalies Hannah S., and Nora S. Overall, BFS was able to learn a lot, have fun, and exhibit great sportsmanship on and off the field. Congrats on a great season!


The BFS Girls Varsity Volleyball team had a season to remember. The varsity team started organizing in the summer, participating in a 3 day summer camp, to start developing their skills and building chemistry. During the preseason, the US volleyball program accepted the “Ice Bucket” challenge, to contribute in the fight for the cure of ALS. During the preseason it was evident our athletes were committed to have a successful season, indicated by the high volume of participation and effort during the training sessions.

During the season, the team showed great improvement, using each practice and game to work on skills development, teamwork, and learning the team system. Even though we had a very successful month of September, going undefeated, our biggest accomplishment was the fact that each player embraced her role in contributing to the team’s success. Every time someone was injured or sick, someone else was always available to step up.

During the month of October, the team joined forces with the MS VB team, the JV VB team, the girls SC team, and the CC team, to cheer up the participants of the “Avon Walk for Breast Cancer”, at the Manhattan bridge cheering station, showing our “Blue Pride” dressed in Pink.

The success continued on the volleyball court during the month of October, where our girls varsity volleyball team earned a spot in both league playoffs. In the ACIS we won 2nd place; and, in the ISAL, we went undefeated during the regular season, and captured the Playoffs Championship, earning us a trip to the States tournament, where we were seeded 13th. The team always competed with great pride, focus, and determination, regardless of who the opponent was. We look forward to continue building on our legacy of excellence in 2015…Blue Pride!!


The BFS Girls JV Volleyball team had a season to remember.  Eighteen players graced the roster, representing the 11th, 10th and 9th grades. Seven returning JV players were joined by six players who moved up from the Middle School team and five players new to BFS. The experienced players did an excellent job mentoring their peers, such as helping them learn the rotations. All players showed excellent commitment and worked hard throughout the season to improve, as individuals and as team members. Their efforts were well rewarded as the team won the Independent School Athletic League championship with an undefeated record and earned 2nd place in the Athletic Conference of Independent Schools.

Off the court the JV girls enjoyed participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, cheering for participants in the Avon Breast Cancer Walk, and celebrating during the volleyball program party with the players from the Middle School and Varsity teams. Coaches Stefanie and Marna thank all of the players for their positive energy, contributions and spirit during our successful season! Blue Pride! 


The BFS MS Girls Volleyball team finished their season strong coming in second in the ISAL league for the second year in a row. The team had a great season. The girls stayed motivated, showed sportsmanship, learned about the game and had a great time doing so. Each girl contributed to the team in their own way; wether it was their leadership, encouraging words, humor or the sense of seriousness. The dynamic on and off the court helped the girls not only better their game but their friendships. There was a lot of growth shown throughout the season, but the girls maturity and skill level was truly demonstrate in the last game against St. Ann’s. The girls worked hard and continue to do so even during the off season. Congrats! 


The BFS Cross Country teams finished the season with conviction, as they showed what an entire season’s hard work can reap. There was so much improvement in performance from everyone on the team. New runners worked their way up from being able to complete one lap of Cadman Plaza, to running a solid mile and most to completing a grueling 5k at Van Cortlandt Park’s infamous tough course. 
The US Boys and Girls Varsity team dominated every single meet they ran in. Both US teams placed 2nd as a team at the ISAL Championships! Jacob I. led the team in most of the races, ranking very high in placement in every race he ran in. It was nice to see Miles N. and Emmitt S. often worked together as well as Nat E. and Ernest working in sync with each other in races to beat out their opponents on the course. In cross country it is vital to have teammates to key off of to get energy and to pace each other in the hilly stretches of the race. There was much improvement in Maalik D’s and Juan C’s performances, as they continually improved with every race they ran this year. On the Girls’ team, Giovanna M. and Maya K. led the charge often dominating over the other schools we competed against. You could often find them both training together and pushing each other at practices, which showed on the course when they were climbing the back hills of Van Cortlandt. Aishat A. and Maya B. competed in their first season and remarkably improved with each race they ran as well. Both girls were new to running and were adament on working their way up to being able to complete a 5k race. Not only did they successfully complete a 5k course, but they were both able to be competitive in the races and both girls medalled at the ISAL championship race.
In the MS, the Girls team took first and second place individually at the ISAL championship. Helen ran her fastest time on the 1.5 mile course. Helen has also taken it upon herself to improve her running by running other races outside of school through the year, which has definitely shown in her drastic improvement. Ella N. has stepped it up since the beginning of the season, as she struggled through some injuries, but still came to practice to get some strength work. She used her time at practice wisely which resulted in a second place finish in the championship. Sidney E. worked tremendously hard throughout the season on his endurance. Sidney E. really challenged himself this season by asking to do a couple more intervals with the US students when he had the option to start his cool down. His decision to keep progressing his endurance and speed really showed in the ISAL championship where he also medalled.
The depth of our team this year was incredible at practices and at meets. We had a total of 18 runners collectively at practices almost every single meet. With numbers at practice, it allowed them to work off each other during interval, fartlek, and tempo workouts. Each runner motivated one another before, during, and after workouts, it was truly something special to see. The best part of coaching this team was watching friendships bloom, and watching conversations and jokes happen between all 4 squads. Students came up to meets even on their own to cheer on teammates even when they were not able to compete. As coaches, we are proud of all of them, as they really developed physically, mentally, and socially throughout the season. It will be interesting to see how our running teams develop throughout the year!