BFS: Institutes for Justice and Transformational Change 

Brooklyn Friends School is not—and has never been—a follower, that much is crystal clear. For nearly 155 years, the school has set its own high standards, created its milestones, and lived its brightest light. BFS is now poised and ready to use its steady footprint in the work of social impact and social justice to inform the growth of educators and leaders—not just in Brooklyn and in New York City, but throughout the nation and around the world. Due to our focused commitment to equity and justice, our school is now able to successfully extend beyond our walls and campuses—literally and in spirit.

To that end, we are excited to announce the launch of the Brooklyn Friends School Institutes for Justice and Transformational Change. The purpose of this new venture will be to provide a space for educators and professionals from various industries working in the youth development world, as well in spaces aiming to cultivate belonging-centric communities that align with our own mission and principles, to be continuous learners and change agents as they grow in their roles and careers. The ability to have intersectional dialogue and ideation that aims to literally address the ills of the world through deepened and earnest engagement with youth, will allow for learning opportunities that are critical for positive global transformation. These opportunities  will also help to nurture future leaders as they explore their own unique and varied paths to leadership in education and other fields.

“It has been my experience working in the area of professional development for almost 20 years that strong and effective development opportunities are hard to come by,” said Jay Rapp, BFS’ Assistant Director of Strategic Initiatives and Alumni Relations and the former Vice President of Professional Development at NAIS. “Programs that nurture and grow individuals personally and professionally, that convene a cohort of people that become new friends and colleagues, and most importantly, are led by experts in the field that act not only as teachers but as facilitators and mentors as well, are unique and can create monumental change.”

The goal of all of the institutes that will be offered is extremely simple and direct—to provide transformational learning opportunities and experiences that work to evolve one’s professional practices in ways that challenge the status quo in service to our youth, who will inherit and lead as changemakers in our world. Our goal is for them to create a positive social impact for themselves and for others..

The Institutes for Justice and Transformational Change embrace a cohort model. These state-of-the-art professional development offerings, led by experts in their field, will allow for capacity building, collaborative exploration and design of ideas, relationship building, and all will culminate in a series of powerful action plans that can be put to immediate practice.

Due to BFS’ commitment to inclusivity and access, we are committed to providing programming that is reasonable, affordable, and accessible to all. We have been designing this utilizing our resources, reach, and relationships to create a learning platform that will reduce the access gap to quality educational tools for educators and youth development professionals. Simultaneously, these institutes will take place right here in our Downtown Brooklyn neighborhood, allowing all participants to experience our dynamic urban landscape as a part of their learning and growth.

We look forward to welcoming all participants to our community this summer!